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Are you considering psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is for anyone who is considering examining and improving their emotional and physical lives.  Psychotherapy can provide an opportunity to improve self-understanding, increase your skill set or address a particular issue.  Psychotherapy can also enhance your understanding and overall relationships with other people. 

Are you curious to find out how your physical and emotional symptoms are connected?  Are you interested in learning how you can balance out your body’s energy system?  In addition to individual therapy, I am trained and credentialed to provide energy psychology, which addresses the relationship of your energy system to emotions, cognitions, behaviors and health.  Energy psychology has been identified to be beneficial in multiple areas, but most importantly it is known to improve overall well-being.

The first step in beginning your commitment to psychotherapy is to call and schedule an appointment.  In the first session, you can expect to learn your rights as a client, including confidentiality.  In addition, you will answer questions about what has led you to seek counseling and a history of your background and experiences.  Next, you will create goals that are relevant to your self-growth. 

Sessions are typically every week or every other week but are mutually agreed upon based on your needs and problem areas.  In certain situations, if referrals are needed, they will be provided to you.

You are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions related to your treatment.  Remember, this is for you and so it is important that your needs and goals are taken into consideration. 

Psychotherapy is based primarily on the relationship between you and your therapist.  Time will be devoted to building safety and trust within the therapeutic relationship.  The therapeutic relationship also involves a space that is supportive and non-judgmental but will also challenge you to meet your goals.  

The HIPAA Privacy Rule, or the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, is a set of regulations for the use and disclosure of your health information. Click here to review how the Privacy Rule defines how covered entities use your health information and your individual rights.