Summer - A Time to Re-center

New Year’s Eve is associated with a time of revelations where one considers new healthy lifestyle goals.  I often wondered whether the summer is another time where one can reevaluate one’s life and establish new ways of living.  With the change of warm weather and the perception of longer days (due to additional sunlight) I think that it creates the perfect time to begin to implement self-care and self-enhancement.  With better weather, opportunities for activities that are centered outside become more realistic and attainable.  But with the improved mood that is associated with more daylight, any activity geared toward emotional and physical wellness is enhanced.  The summer also provides the opportunity to begin to put in place a routine that will be necessary once future, more stressful times (fall, winter) arrive.  Perfect a practice now that will sustain you through the busier months ahead.  Trying to implement new goals during a stressful period is more difficult so it makes sense to utilize the period of sunshine and warmth in making decisions that will improve your health for years to come.